Good News story – home loan arrears continue to decline

There are many articles in the press that are pessimistic and depressing regarding home loan borrowers. This article proves there is good news as well. Australian home loan arrears fell during the month of October, continuing the trend from previous months, according to S & P Global Ratings. Australian home loan arrears for prime residential mortgage-backed securities fell to 1.04% in October. This is below the October average of 1.13%…  Read more

What is Your Credit Rating?

If you are applying for a loan, or any type of credit, you can obtain a credit report which contains information about your credit history. All lenders obtain a credit report on you when you apply for a loan and often your credit rating will play an important role in the application process. What information is collected in a credit report? Personal information, such as name, date of birth, address,…  Read more

Ten reasons why the property bubble isn’t going to burst

With plenty of hype around the property market, here are ten reasons why the Aussie property bubble won’t burst. 1. Australia has high credit quality Australia has higher quality home loans thank other countries thanks to stricter lending criteria and requirements, which means borrowers who are approved for loans can generally afford to service them. In contrast, banks in the US at the time of the GFC were lending to…  Read more

How to help your children enter the property market

We have recently had a large number of enquiries from clients looking to help their children enter the property market. Many parents are motivated by the fear of their children needing to move away to less expensive locations taking their family, in particular their grandchildren with them. David, Steve & Mitch Cleary who run Allan Hall Finance have developed a number of strategies to fit different client situations, most of…  Read more

Buy or Invest?

Five tips to take on board before you bid … With property prices at an all-time high and with no certainty as to when it will slowdown, investors have flooded the market looking for a piece of the action. Whether you’re renovating or simply buying to let, there are a few simple rules could save you a lot of cash and heartache on the way to your investment dream. 1.…  Read more

Are You Ready To Buy A Property?

You have researched the market online. You have compared asking prices with recent sale prices. You have discussed your property needs with family and friends. Spent some time with a local real estate agent and invested valuable time attending open house inspections. You may have taken another step and consulted a property buyer to look at all these issues. However, there are so many other issues and questions to consider:…  Read more

Allan Hall Business Advisors wins three major awards

Allan Hall Business Advisors was extremely proud to win the major award of Best Accounting Firm in Australia and New Zealand and to be the overall winner of Best Professional Services Firm (revenue under $50 million) in the 2016 Financial Review Client Choice Awards. In 2017, our partner, Scott Somerville took out another major win in these awards, winning Most Client Focused Accountant in Australia and New Zealand.

Global alliance focussed on business excellence

Allan Hall is the Sydney member of Alliott Group, an award winning, growing, global alliance of 160+ accounting, law and consulting firms in 60+ countries.